The individuals listed below paid the ultimate sacrifice. Each have a
parent or spouse buried in Fairview, Bethel or Myrtle cemeteries. With
the exception of five at Fairview, all are buried or memorialized overseas.
  Surname Given Names Death Date   Age Cemetery / Memorial Relative - Cemetery
Adamson Lawrence Dimsdale 21-Feb-1918   24 Etaples Military Cemetery parents - Fairview
Benn Victor Emanuel 3-Mar-1918   20 Chathan Naval Memorial mother - Fairview
Burnett Henry Alexander 8-Apr-1917   20 Nine Elms Military Cemetery, Thelus parents - Fairview
Cameron Rae 8-Oct-1916   28 Vimy Memorial father - Fairview
Cundy Bernard 10-Oct-1916   21 A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers mother - Fairview
Cundy Ernest 22-Jul-1916   27 Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz mother - Fairview
Hennan Victoria Belle 23-Oct-1918   31 Shorncliffe Military Cemetery father - Bethel
Johns William George 7-Aug-1917   18 Fosse No.10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains-en-Gohelle parents - Fairview
Kitching James Ezra 16-Aug-1917   34 Vimy Memorial parents - Fairview
Langtry Harvey Robert 19-Apr-1918   24 Fairview Cemetery parents - Fairview
McCallum Angus Charles 27-Sep-1918   29 Queant Communal Cemetery British Extension mother - Fairview
Morison Alfred Ernest 9-Apr-1917   26 Vimy Memorial mother - Fairview
Morison William Harold 3-May-1917   22 Vimy Memorial mother - Fairview
Muir James Stuart 27-Sep-1918   20 Vimy Memorial parents - Fairview
Muir John Elliot 30-Mar-1918   27 Vimy Memorial parents - Fairview
Phillips Alexander 12-Apr-1917   22 Canadian Cemetery No.2,
Neuville-St. Vaast
parents - Fairview
Smallwood William John 14-Nov-1917   27 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial parents - Fairview
Sparling Harry Joseph 11-Jun-1917   18 La Targette British Cemetery,
Neuville-St. Vaast
parents - Fairview
Urquhart Charles 21-May-1929   37 Fairview Cemetery father & spouse
- Fairview
Welch John Alexander 11-Dec-1919   21 Fairview Cemetery parents - Fairview
  Surname Given Names Death Date   Age Cemetery / Memorial Relative - Cemetery
Berry John Lapoint 31-Mar-1944   21 Durnbach War Cemetery parents - Fairview
Cameron Clare Reid 30-Aug-1944   31 Runnymede Memorial parents - Fairview
Eby Norris Allan 25-May-1944   24 Cassino War Cemetery parents - Fairview
Gohl James Garfield 12-Jun-1944   24 Runnymede Memorial parents - Fairview
Hancock Kenneth Melvin 6-Jan-1943   21 Fairview Cemetery parents - Fairview
Kitching Allan Raymond 25-May-1944   22 Cassino War Cemetery parents - Fairview
Land Gordon Stanley 19-Dec-1941   23 Sai Wan Memorial spouse - Myrtle
Lytle Harry Orville 27-Sep-1943   30 Hanover War Cemetery parents - Fairview
MacLennan Lewis James 8-May-1942   32 Brookwood Military Cemetery parents - Fairview
McDonald Donald 3-Aug-1944   22 Bretteville-Sur-Laize
Canadian War Cemetery
parents - Fairview
McKay George Gregor 2-Apr-1944   21 Moro River Canadian War Cemetery parents - Fairview
McPherson Murray Langtry 25-Apr-1944   22 Brookwood Military Cemetery parents - Fairview
Patterson Robert John 21-Jan-1945   22 Argenta Gap War Cemetery parents - Fairview
Phillips Cecil 30-Jan-1944   26 Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery parents - Fairview
Poitras Albert Joseph 17-Feb-1946   26 Fairview Cemetery spouse - Fairview
Troughton Thomas Benjamin 4-Jul-1944   25 Beny-Sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery, Reviers parents - Fairview
Urquhart David Smith 7-Dec-1942   21 Runnymede Memorial parents - Fairview
Webster Lloyd Pierson 26-Nov-1943   22 Rheinberg War Cemetery parents - Fairview